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JTH Auto Metering Static Mixer
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Static mixer is a kind of new-type mixing equipment for high viscosity material, particularly suitable for continuous production of silicone sealant. It is comprised of static mixer, hydraulic system, dosing and metering system, valve, integrated electric control system, pneumatic control system and frame, etc., among which the static mixer is the core of the entire equipment.

The working principle of static mixer is to let fluid flow in the pipes to impact different kinds of plate components, to increase the velocity gradient of the laminar motion of fluid or to form turbulence. At laminar motion, it is “separation—locomotion—-re-confluence”; at turbulence, besides the above three, the fluid will also produce strong turbulence at section direction, with very strong shearing force effect on the fluid, for furthur separation and mixing of the fluid. Due to the function of mixing components, the fluid is sometimes levorotary and sometimes dextrorotary, constantly changing flow directions, not only pushing the fluid at the center to the rim, but also pushing the fluid at the rim to the center, and thus creating excellent radial mixing effects. Besides, the rotation of the fluid itself will also take place at the interface of neighboring components, forming perfect radial circular flow mixing effects. It is called "static" mixer because there are no moving parts inside the pipes, and there are only static components.

 SV, SX, SL, SH and SK Series static mixers are the advanced mixing equipments in the country. They are widely used in fluid-fluid, fluid-solid, fluid-gas, gas-gas mixing, emulsification, absorption, extraction, reaction and enhanced heat transfer, etc. They are ideal mixing equipment for chemical, pharmacy, foodstuff, synthetic fiber, plastic, environmental protection, mining and metallurgy, paper making, coal gas and such industries, with the advantages of wide application range, high flexibility in operation, simple flow, reasonable structure, low investment, low energy consumption and quick return, etc.

Based on the characteristics of sealant, the company utilizes its own strong R&D force to develop new-type static mixer with independent intellectual property rights, which are particularly suitable for technical requirements of sealant industry, capable of realizing auto metering, auto feeding, continuous auto production of multi-constituent materials, and thus guaranteeing consistent product quality and greatly reducing production waste. This machine achieves world-advanced technology level, and can rival foreign equipment of the same kind, with very high cost performance.



Main Features

1. Multi-constituent static mixing and metering system

2. Automatic on-line feeding of catalyst

3. Automatic on-line feeding of various kinds of auxiliary agent

4. Automatic on-line feeding of color paste

5. Continuous automatic production

6. No-clean and no-residue, capable of greatly reducing production waste

7. Capable of realizing zero-inventory

8. Capable of greatly saving labor cost


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